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Peanut.com Flavors

  • Flavored Peanuts
    Flavored Peanuts

    Uniquely flavored peanuts are our specialty here at The Peanut Roaster! Extra-large Virginia peanuts are hand-roasted and coated in seasonings and natural ingredients like tangy mustard, sweet honey, mesquite barbecue, and zesty spices. Gourmet flavored peanuts are full of bold flavor and crunch.

  • Candied Nuts
    Candied Nuts

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate nuts and roasted nut confections! Roasted peanuts, almonds, cashews, or pecans combine with rich caramel, velvety artisan chocolate, sweet frosting, or crunchy brittle to create indulgent candied nuts. Select products available October-April only.

  • Salted Nuts
    Salted Nuts

    Extra-large Virginia peanuts, jumbo cashews, plump pecans, and premium almonds are hand-roasted in golden peanut oil and lightly salted while still hot. The Peanut Roaster’s gourmet roasted nuts are packed with fresh, 100% natural taste and a delicious, satisfying crunch.