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About Peanuts & Roasted Nuts

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Did you know...

Peanuts and roasted nuts are a natural source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin E, niacin (vitamin B3) and other B vitamins. Roasted nuts are also low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol making them great for healthy snacking or inclusion in your favorite recipes.

The peanut is different from other roasted nuts because it flowers above the ground, but fruits below the ground. A typical misconception is that peanuts grow on trees, like walnuts or pecans, or as a part of a root like potatoes. The peanut is actually a legume.

The peanut is the building block of our roasted nut creations, our original kettle cooked style is the foundation to many of our flavored peanuts. We start by selecting only the largest Virginia Peanuts, hand-roast them and then dust the roasted nuts with salt while they’re still warm. Always a crowd favorite, Peanuts in the Shell, roasted nuts or flavored peanuts are great for healthy snacking. Roasted nuts are great food gifts or any special occasion as well.

Facts About Peanuts & Roasted Nuts!

Records indicate the good ole peanut has been around for 3,500 years or so. Its original home is thought to be on the lower eastern slopes of the Andes in what is now Brazil. Peanuts were seen to grow as far north as Mexico when the Spanish explored the western Americas. The peanut traveled with Portuguese traders from Brazil to Europe and Africa. From Africa they traveled by ship to the Americas.

Dr. George Washington Carver is known as the father of the commercial peanut. In 1903 he began research at the Tuskeegee Institute, which yielded over 300 uses for the peanut including cheese, mayonnaise, chili sauce, shampoo, bleach, axle grease, linoleum and ice cream.

In 1870 P.T. Barnum began using roasted nuts in his circus as a snack food. Soon after, roasted nuts began showing up at ballparks and movie theaters everywhere. In fact, the cheap seats in theaters became known as peanut galleries.

About Flavored Peanuts

Uniquely flavored peanuts are our signature specialty here at The Peanut Roaster! We use only the largest Virginia peanuts hand-roast them and then completely coat the roasted nuts in unique seasonings. Our gourmet flavored peanuts are full of bold flavor and big on crunch. Sweet, salty or spicy we have a flavored peanut for everyone! Browse all of our flavored peanuts.

About Gourmet Food Gifts

Friends, family and business associates will welcome an eye-catching gourmet gift basket of roasted nuts from The Peanut Roaster. We make gift-giving easy! Shop our site by price to get your food gifts online and within budget. We have a gourmet selection of business gifts, gift towers, gift tins, gourmet gift baskets, unique food gifts and roasted nuts for any occasion. Roasted nuts or variety gift towers are the perfect food gift for Father's Day gifts or the holidays. Learn more about food gifts.