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From roasted nuts to flavored peanuts...

About The Peanut Roaster

The Peanut Roaster has been providing gourmet roasted happiness and gourmet roasted nuts since 1949. Only the largest grade Virginia peanuts are selected then hand-roasted. The Peanut Roaster currently has a storefront in Henderson, NC and an e-commerce website peanut.com. We offer mixed nuts, gift baskets, confections,  candied nuts, flavored peanuts, food gifts, gift towers, gift tins, fundraising, business gifts and more.


In the 1940’s, Larry Monahan Sr. was considered a pioneer in the development of water blanched Virginia peanuts. In 1949, he began to sell roasted nuts to passing tourists from his family owned restaurant in Virginia. It was then that the beloved Peanut Roaster brand was born.

The peanut business quickly outgrew the restaurant. Larry’s son John, who studied Agri-Business in college, decided to take over the roasted nut business. In 1985, a peanut processing facility was opened in Cary, NC. A bit over 10 years later, in 1997, a new production and distribution facility in Henderson, NC was opened. Using the same recipe as in 1949, and some innovative flavored peanut recipes, business grew quickly. The Peanut Roaster surpassed others in the industry by roasting and packaging peanuts daily, which created a reputation for quality and freshness, and by providing patrons with deliciously different flavored peanuts. The Peanut Roaster's roasted nuts and flavored peanuts have been enjoyed by customers in every state and other countries. We continue to innovate in the 21 century with new flavored peanuts, processes and partnerships to bring the best quality to our customers.

The Peanut Roaster Today

The Peanut Roaster has expanded from just roasted nuts to a large variety of products including our famous flavored peanuts. The Peanut Roaster offers mixed nutsgift basketsconfections,  candied nutsflavored peanutsfood giftsgift towersgift tinsfundraisingbusiness gifts and more.

Flavored Peanuts

The Peanut Roaster’s most popular products are our flavored peanuts. Currently available are 12 flavored peanuts which range from the our signature flavor Hot Honeys to the unique Dill Pickle to our zesty Jalapeño peanuts.

Uniquely flavored peanuts are our specialty here at The Peanut Roaster! Extra-large Virginia peanuts are hand-roasted and completely coated in unique seasonings. Our gourmet flavored peanuts are full of bold flavor and make great food gifts, father’s day gifts, or gifts for the holidays. Click here to browse our all of our flavored peanuts. At this time, the only way to get your hands on our nuts is to visit a store in person, place your order online or by phone {800} 445-1404. The Peanut Roaster also has available fundraising programs for school fundraisers and non profit fundraisers and a corporate gifts program.



The Peanut Roaster has been delivering gourmet roasted nuts since 1949 and now you can too! Our fundraising program is an easy, delicious way to support your school fundraiser or non-profit fundraiser. Flavored peanuts are a crunchy, flavorful and nutritious option for your next fundraising event.

You need a fundraiser that will allow you to make a significant profit and provides proper support. The Peanut Roaster does just that by giving you the ability to make a 60% profit as well as giving you access to an excellent support staff and free sales materials. Partnering with The Peanut Roaster is a recipe for success! Click for more information on our fundraising program.