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Carolina Barbecue Peanuts The Sportsman

Keep the game going with a kick from these flavorful Carolina Barbecue Peanuts, packaged in a sports-themed specialty can. These flavored peanuts are the perfect Father's Day gift for a sports fan, great for snacking during the next big game! Specialty foods often have deep regional roots, and here, we’re all about North Carolina barbecue peanuts! Carolina Barbecue Peanuts are slow-cooked and packed with zesty heat and mesquite flavor! Our extra jumbo Virginia peanuts are hand-roasted in all-natural peanut oil and slathered in smoky Carolina barbecue seasoning. Our recipe was created to give you a mouth-watering backyard barbecue experience. Laced with the famous flavor of smoky-hot and tangy North Carolina barbecue, our Carolina Barbecue Peanuts are the perfect spicy food gift for Father’s Day. Accepted serving etiquette for this spicy snack? Enjoy these flavored peanuts by the handful.

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carolina-barbecue-peanuts-fathers-day-gift carolina-barbecue-peanuts-fathers-day-gift carolina-barbecue-peanuts-fathers-day-gift carolina-barbecue-peanuts-fathers-day-gift